Satisfaction Index after BoxBot run



The BoxBot Customer Satisfaction Index is a measure of how well the users' preferences match what's in their box. If they receive items they did not prefer, and were not given items they rated highly, this score will be lower.


Example Ranges

90+ Great
70-89 Acceptable
50-69 Could be better
Less than 50 Poor



The Satisfaction Index uses a Kendall's Tau-b correlation between counts of items in boxes and users' preferences. This methodology scales by the prices of each item and sizes of each box. Meaning, more expensive items are weighted more than less expensive items, and items in larger boxes are weighted less than items in smaller boxes. Additionally, this index only considers items that were available for the week, and items that had a preference given to them. Index is then rescaled so it more closely matches a 1 - 100 scale and is easier to interpret.

This score is a measure of correlation and used for internal operations. It is designed to simply help farmers track member preferences to what members actually receive. It can be useful in determining how happy your customers will be with their auto-customized boxes. Even just small deviations can drop the score, so rest assured that measures above 90 are strong.


How to improve your score

Tweak your BoxBot parameters for the week and autofill to explore.
Change your targets for your items, especially on items that your customers prefer.
Find ways to convince your customers to fill out their preferences. Possibly with rewards!
Consider how to change your production in the future to more closely fit preferences.



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