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Custom boxes are a way for producers to give their customers as much choice as possible within what they able to provide. 

You can login to your admin dashboard and select your box contents for each week. Custom boxes can be set up either by price or by count.

Custom by item count boxes are set up by building a default box with a set number of items. Customers can move items in and out to add up to the total count their share allows. Farmers will need to make sure each item unit is of similar or equal value.

Custom by price boxes offer a more flexible option. Minimum costs per box sizes can be set and your customers can have the option to order additional products for added cost each week. Customers immediately see a pop-up alert when the value of their box exceeds their base or “default” price. Please note that a merchant account is required for flexible billing. 


Please refer to the instructional video below for more information on how to set up custom shares:


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