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CSAware is equipped to auto-generate email notifications to members and farmers when a variety of predetermined events occur. You will notice that six checked options are the default notification settings. Whenever any of these events take place, an email notification will be generated. The set of mail templates at the bottom of the list are not optional; you can request an edited template but you cannot opt to send or not send.

A word of CAUTION: To avoid preliminary and test email notifications being sent out to your members during your farm setup process, we recommend that ALL of the email trigger settings be turned OFF temporarily until your setup is complete and has passed testing. 

If you wish to customize a template, click on the orange “view” link and copy the language from the pop-up window into an email. Make any changes you desire, such as adding a greeting and a signature, and then send the email to your account manager who will review it (for your protection!) and then get it uploaded. 

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