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If you want to sell products through your online catalog in addition to your CSA shares, you will need to create a product listing for each of those products. The process is quite similar to making a product listing for your CSA share. There are a couple of differences, described in this section. 

When you click on the Add Product link, you will get this screen:


Leave ‘Companion product’ checked, give the product a name, and click “next”. 

When you come to the Type field, the Companion product box will be checked. The Schedule field will offer you four options: single delivery, weekly (with every delivery), bi-weekly (every other week), and monthly (4 weeks). 

Whichever options you choose here will be shown to your members in the product listing. In the example below you’ll see that Single Delivery, Weekly, and Bi-Weekly were chosen:


Single delivery means that the member can choose to purchase the product just once. The member must use a credit card, have one on file from a previous purchase, or have cash in their cash account for this option, as mailing a check would be cumbersome for a single delivery. 

Weekly (With every delivery) is self-explanatory. Bi-weekly (every other week) add-ons will be scheduled for the next available delivery date at the member’s drop-off. Monthly (4 weeks) means that the item will be scheduled for delivery every fourth week. 

The remaining three check boxes in the Schedule field give you further options for scheduling deliveries. 

  • “Always bill one delivery at a time” means that though the member may want a weekly (or ongoing) delivery of this product, their credit card will be billed weekly, rather than for the remainder of the season. 
  • “Always bill at time of order. (No Purchase Orders on this item.)” If you click on this option, your members will be billed, and inventory will be adjusted, at time of sale rather than at the Order Deadline. 
  • “Available only on specific weeks” will prompt you to specify when this product is available.
  • "Sticky" refers to if add-ons should follow the share when a box is rescheduled. Check this option if yes. 
  • “Seasonal” if this product is only available during certain months, click the “Seasonal” option, which will then prompt you to insert season information.

Supplier: If the product is purchased from an external supplier, you can leave the field blank or use the dropdown menu to identify the appropriate supplier. There is a simple interface for adding suppliers found at: Customers & Partners / Suppliers/Partners / Add Supplier

Departments: By identifying the Departments that this particular product should be found in, you allow your members to find the product in one or more appropriate locations as they browse through your online store. Select all of the departments that apply to this product. For example, “dried apples” could be found in “Fruits” and “Grocery & Produce”, and perhaps in “Holiday” for particular times of the year. The department categories provided in the standard CSAware package can be modified to uniquely reflect your farm’s particular structure. Only departments with LIVE products in them will appear on your storefront. For more information on how to edit or create new departments, visit our help center article on Departments.

The remainder of the product listing set-up for add-on products is the same as for a CSA share. You will also need to set up SKUs for your add-on products. This process will be similar to setting up a SKU for your CSA shares, with a couple of differences, described in the following articles:

Adding a SKU  and SKUs for Add-on Products



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