Adding a SKU for CSA Shares

Go to Products & Shares / Product Listings and select the “Edit SKUs” link within an existing product; where you will be able to add a SKU.


Default SKUs: Please note that for CSA share listings, default SKUs are automatically generated by the software, based on the price/box information you submitted in the Add Share setup. These SKUs have the weekly recurring billing option automatically selected. If you do not wish to offer recurring billing/single delivery as an option, click on the “Edit SKU” button for each default SKU, and then set that SKU to “offline” in the Status field and proceed follow the instructions below for "Adding a New SKU".   

Adding a New SKU 

Shares & Products / Product Listings / select the “Edit SKUs” link within an existing product 


To create a new SKU, click on the “Add SKU” button, which is located just below the instructions on this page. Adding a SKU is a simple process. Once clicking the "Add SKU" button, you will see the following New SKU setup page:


  1. Status: Typically, you will leave “Live” selected. However, you can take the SKU “offline” if you want to remove it from the catalog so the customer can’t see it. You might do this if you had a pre-season price that no longer applies once the season gets started. 
  2. Attribute: For SKUs associated with CSA shares, the attribute is pulled in from the sizes indicated on your CSA Share page. 
  3. Note: A short description that is displayed under your SKU attribute (most often left blank).
  4. Drop-Off: Individual SKUs can be associated with one particular Drop-Off site, or leave “any” selected. 
  5. SKU ID: **Required entry.** The “SKU ID” is a short unique private code that is ONLY visible and used by you. We suggest something identifying the season/year and/or size/payment type. 


  1. Payment type: Choose the applicable payment type(s), as described in the SKUs and Payment Types article. 
  2. Price: This is the price to be paid by the member. The payment type determines the unit of the price (e.g. ‘recurring’ requires a price/box. ‘Whole Season’ requires the price for the entire season.). Some choices will require a subsequent field asking you to name how many deliveries are included. 
  3. In Stock: Typically, this will be left on “yes”, but if you would like this SKU to be visible in the catalog, but be marked “out of stock”, so that members can see the offering and sign up to be added on a waiting list, change the button to “no.”

Please save your SKU before leaving this page. 

NOTE: At any later point you can return to edit the SKU. Click on the “Edit SKUs” button on the product listing page, and you’ll be taken to the SKUs defined for that product. Once a SKU (or a share) has been created, though, you are no longer able to delete the SKU. If a SKU is no longer needed, you can inactive it by taking it “offline”, which hides the payment option from members’ view. 

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