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One of the key steps as you begin to set up CSAware is to have a high-level understanding of the way shares, product listings, and SKUs are used in your online store. 

First, “shares” are the boxes you define and make available to the customer on a regularly scheduled basis. The information you put in when you “add a share” is used by the software but not directly visible to the public. “Product listings” provide detailed information for each item in your online catalog, including your shares and any add-on products you may offer. The software formats the product listing information into a page that is visible to the public via your online catalog. Each share could potentially have several different product listings or configurations, but most shares have a single product listing. 

The SKU, or “stock keeping unit,” is the standard identification of an item/product on sale, specifying the price and how you plan to collect payment for the product. A product should have no more than six SKUs associated with it to make payment selection easier for the member. 

Add a Share

Begin by clicking “add share.” You will then be directed to a 5-step process. 


  1. Name: To help distinguish your shares over time, we suggest you identify the share by the year and season, e.g. “2021 Summer.” Then click “Next” to move on to step 2.
  2. Seasonality: If your CSA runs year-round, select the “Ongoing”option. If your CSA makes deliveries on a set seasonal schedule, click the “Seasonal” button to then select the beginning and end dates from a pop-up calendar. (Please note that the weeks in CSAware run from Sunday-Saturday)


  1. Options: 

Share Type: There are three options for your Share Type, described below:

    • Fixed Selection: This option is used for a traditional CSA share, where the farmer determines the contents of the box. Our experience is that 99% of the traditional CSA shares will be identified as “Fixed Selection.” 
    • Customizable: There are two custom box options in CSAware. Either a “custom by item count” option where the farmer determines a “default” box where members can selectively add or remove items, or a “custom by price” option where items are individually priced and members may be billed extra if their selection exceeds the base box price. This option can be specified by editing your share once it has been created. 
    • Empty Box: The empty box is filled with member-chosen add-ons. It is used instead of a fixed- selection box. The empty box designation tells CSAware that the member has a subscription, which gives the member a spot on the delivery schedule. The member is taken to the add-ons section to select options like “milk every other week”, or “eggs once a month,” or “carrots bi-weekly.” This share type shows “what’s available this week” and current inventory. 



Schedule: Choose between three delivery frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly (every other week), or monthly.

Organic: Please specify whether your farm share is certified organic.

Short Description: The one or two sentence description you place in the “Short Description” box will appear above the SKU area in the product listing in your catalog. It should briefly define the specific characteristics of this product. The “number of characters remaining” below the description field provides you feedback on how many of the allowed 200 characters remain for your description. When writing your short description, we recommend that you be as descriptive and specific as possible.


  1. Sizes

Size Name: Enter the name of the different share sizes you offer. Between one and four sizes can be designated per share. (Most farms offer one or two sizes.) 

Price/Season: Enter the price per season for each share size.

# Items: You may leave the next column blank. The “Items” field indicates the target number of items per box. This information is used when designing a box in the Harvest section of CSAware. 

  1. Photo: Upload a photo of your share to be used in your online store. When completed, click on “Create Your Share”


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