Split shares: waiting for secondary member

THE STEPS for non-responsive split members.
Go to CSA Subscriptions / Split subscriptions.
Note hourglass icon far left side, these are the ‘no response yet from second members’.
1. Click on the subscription, look at memos on left brown menu to see WHO the invite was sent to. Copy the e-mail of the invitee.
2. Go to Customers & Partners / Log-in accounts. Paste the e-mail into search field.
3. IF the member has already established a log-in, click on the green person icon to go to the CSA Member page.
A. Does this member have more than one split share? List of shares will be at the bottom of the page. IF YES, did the member respond to a different spilt share request? If member responded yes to another share, see #4 below, i.e. FORCE spilt acceptance.
B. If member has not responded to any requests for split share, they AND/OR primary member need to be contacted.
4. To force a spilt acceptance, go to originating share, i.e. the primary member. (Used most often when a secondary member has more than one split sub. They respond to one, and think they are finished.) You will see in BIG pink letters: Pending Split Payment. Click on the Split With…button, select secondary member. **Note: you may have to ADD the e-mail/log-in account info if this is a brand-new subscriber to CSAware. Do this via CSA Members / Add Subscriber. A name and e-mail are sufficient.


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