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LocalHarvest provides online tools that help small farmers thrive.

The LocalHarvest National Directory

Our directory lists over 30,000 family farms and farmers markets, along with restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food. We call it a 'grassroots' directory because each member creates and maintains their own listing. To create a listing for your farm, click here.

Every year, over 7 million people search our directory to find local food, farm events, and family farmer-grown specialty products. LocalHarvest offers several related services:

CSAware and CSA Manager Software

CSAware is software that helps CSA farmers run their businesses more smoothly. It streamlines some administrative tasks and automates others. It helps CSA farmers plan their harvest, schedule deliveries, manage drop sites, and keep an eye on their bottom line. Its e-commerce tools make online ordering easy for members. Want to know more? Let us know -- we'd be glad to talk with you about CSAware.

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    Robert Mazzone

    April 30, 2020 

    Does Local Harvest have any recommendations for Local food banks participating in CSA production for this growing season (2020)?

    I am a volunteer with 2 providers in Essex County (MA).

    The Salvation Army in Lynn, MA  (serving Lynn, Saugus and adjoining communities) 

    Our Neighbors' Table in Amesbury MA (serving 9 communities in NE Mass and 3 towns in Southern NH.)

    The demands on food banks has been unbelievable. Cash reserves are depleting rapidly while the demand is growing incrementally, every week.. Do some community farms have the ability to increase their tillage so that more food can be produced for this coming season? Is it to late for that?

    I think we can locate donors who will sponsor and purchase bulk CSA shares and then donate that produce to the regional food banks as it is ready for distribution during the growing season. . Food banks do not get the best produce from Greater Boston Food bank. WE have better success with local farms and farm stands. A great source has also been the farm system run by the Massachusetts Corrections Dept. 

    Do you have any guidance or recommendations?

    These are challenging times for us all, and we have to be creative to meet the challenges.

    Thank you 

    Bob Mazzone

    Lynn, MA

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