How to Contact a LocalHarvest Farm or Business

To contact our members, click the "email us" button from their directory listing, or you may phone them if a number is provided. You can also contact the farm or business via their facebook link.

For questions about our members products, or to arrange a visit to the farm, it's always best to contact the farm or business directly.

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    Beryl Gorbman

    This is not helpful. I want to buy organic straw bales. Do you know whether anyone sells them? Thank you

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    Lucia samaniego

    I been receiving magazines and need to change my home address

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    Daniel Shane

    The whole concept of farmers growing fruit without seeds to meet the demands of fickle customers is causing less acreage to grow some of the best fruit on the planet. As an example, the honey tangerine is the best tangerine on the planet but is being systematically erased and not readily available. This is becoming too much to withstand and honey’s will eventually become extinct.

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