What is a Sponsored listing, and what are the benefits of being a Sponsoring Member?

Being a Sponsoring Member means that you have paid your $30.00 annual dues toward being a directory member of LocalHarvest, making your listing a Sponsored Listing.

The main benefit of having a sponsored listing is to receive priority in our search results. Being a sponsoring member does not guarantee ranking, however, and in urban areas there may be a number of listings within a certain zipcode. Search results will also vary according to what the user is looking for.

A non-sponsored listing will show box-advertising on your directory listing page. Sponsored listings will not show paid-for external advertising.

Most of all, being a Sponsoring Member helps to allow LocalHarvest to promote local food, small farms, and the world of sustainable food production. We are a small business run on a tight budget, so your contribution goes a long way toward the daily expenses of running the site.

Our goal is to spotlight you, as the farmer or purveyor, and the good food you produce.


To become a Sponsoring Member, log into your account and click the "Sponsorship" button with a carrot next to it located above the left navigation bar. 

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    Louise Divine

    would be good to have a link here so we can easily become a sponsoring member.


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    Christa Zuniga



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    Debra Weiss

    Be great if you actually answered service requests...

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