Tips on Taking Product Photos 

From our experience working with online sales through LocalHarvest, we offer the following tips for taking product photos. 

The product needs to be clearly visible and should be displayed attractively. In most cases this means it should be removed from any packaging and put in a "natural", appealing setting. Most shoppers find meat most appealing if pictured as cooked and on the plate, or as a live animal. 

We recommend that you refrain from putting your product against a brightly colored background; these photos do not tend to look good on a computer screen. 

There should be adequate contrast between your product and the background so that the product stands out and is easy to see. Avoid "busy" backgrounds that deflect attention from the product itself. 

In general, close-up shots are better than far away ones. But be sure to leave enough room around the item so that when the software trims the photo into a square it does not cut off parts of the item.  Photos should be at least 220 x 220 pixels.

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