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If you are continuing immediately from the New CSA Share page, you will be taken directly to the Add a Product page. If you have taken a break and are returning, you can get to the right page by clicking on Shares & Products / Product Listings / Edit Product under the name of the CSA share.

1. Product Name: The Product Name field will be pre-filled from the Share name you entered on the Add a Share page. You may edit it here if you wish, and this name will be used in your product catalog.

2. Taxable: If this product is taxable in your state, check the “yes” box and the sales tax will be computed for you and the member automatically by CSA Manager. A few states have different tax rates for processed vs. unprocessed foods. Click on the Unprocessed Food Rate if it applies to this product.

3. Organic: By choosing “yes”, you will add the USDA Organic logo to the screen when this product is displayed. If you use the organic logo, you are responsible for maintaining all required documentation to support that claim.

4. Type: Because this is a CSA share, the “type” in the example above showing it as a “CSA subscription” is already completed.

5. Schedule: Check the box for “Weekly” and, if you offer bi-weekly deliveries for “Bi-Weekly”. If your share is also available to member once every 4 weeks, check the "Monthly". And if all the frequencies have auto-filled Uncheck the delivery frequency options that your farm does not use.

6. CSA Share: Click on the drop down list to select the share for which you are creating a product listing.

7. Recurring billing: if you are selling only whole season shares, ignore this field. You will turn the recurring billing SKU offline when setting up the associated SKUs.

8. The Short and Long Descriptions: The one or two sentence description you place in the “Short Description” box will appear above the SKU area in the product listing in your catalog. It should briefly define the specific characteristics of this product. The “number of characters remaining” below the description field provides you feedback on how many of the allowed 200 characters remain for your description. The “long description” field allows you to provide your members with very detailed information about the features and benefits of this particular product. This field can be temporarily entered initially, and edited more completely at a later time.

When writing your short and long descriptions, we recommend that you be as descriptive and specific as possible. We also suggest that you write in complete sentences and watch your spelling, grammar, capitalization, use of spaces, etc.

Please be sure to click the Save button several times while working on this and all pages in your set- up. If you navigate away from the page, your work may be lost.

9. At this point in the product entry process, please save your draft of the product listing by clicking on the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the product screen. If you are ready to add a photo, please refer to the Tips section below and browse to upload it from where it is stored in your computer.


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