Share SKUs and payment methods

Once you’ve created a product listing for your share, your next step is to establish the “SKU(s)” for that product. A “SKU,” the “stock keeping unit,” is the standard identification of an item on sale, specifying the price and how to collect payment for the product. A product can have a maximum of six SKUs associated with it.

The available payment types depend on whether you deliver year-round or have a defined delivery season. Farms that deliver year-round (using the “open ended” period) have two payment options available to them: “Recurring” and “Single Payment.” Farms having a defined delivery season (a beginning and ending date) may choose from among three: "Recurring', “Whole Season” and “Single Payment”.

Recurring: “Recurring” will charge for one box at the time of purchase, and auto-debit the buyer’s credit card or cash account for each subsequent delivery until the end of the subscription year or season, or, in the case of year-round CSAs with no end-date, until the member cancels their membership.

Whole Season: “Whole Season” will allow member to indicate payment is for the whole season, and is only available for pay-by-check or via farmer PayPal. One of the benefits of this payment method is that the purchase price will be prorated to the number of deliveries remaining in the season. If someone joins mid-season, CSA Manager will correctly calculate the balance due.
NOTE: This payment option is only available if you have a defined season, with a beginning date and an ending date.

Single Payment: “Single Payment” will allow a member to purchase a set number of box credits, like a trial subscription. This SKU is not pro-rated, and onlyavailable for pay-by-check or via farmer PayPal account.


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