Glossary of Basic Terms


Add-ons are the items available in addition to the CSA Share. They are also called “companion products” in the software. Examples of add-ons might include: flowers, eggs, meat, butter, etc. Add-ons may be paid for per delivery, using a credit card, or paid for in a lump sum by check or credit card.


To ‘auto-renew’ means that the subscriber has placed an order that will continue to be filled, delivered and billed to their credit card on a set delivery schedule until the subscriber cancels their subscription or the share ends. When you set up your subscriptions, you will designate whether they are available for auto-renew or not.

Box credits

Box credits, also called delivery credits, represent the number of boxes the member has paid for in advance. A running total of box credits is kept for each member in the member’s account; the number decreases by one each time a box is delivered to that member. Deliveries are not scheduled for members with zero box credits in any given week.

Box deadlines 

Box deadlines are set in the Store Settings area. There are two: the order deadline and the final deadline. Order Deadline: The last moment in time (date and time) that a member can log in and order or modify their order for the next delivery. However, as the farmer, you will still be able to make changes on a member’s behalf until the final deadline. The order deadline for the customer is calculated by CSAware based on the settings the farmer chooses on the Box Processing Deadlines screen. Final Deadline: The cutoff time after which all orders are closed. After this time you may no longer make changes to any information related to the upcoming delivery. Packing lists and sign-up sheets are finalized and become available to print at this time. The “day of delivery,” is defined as 12:01 AM on that day regardless of when the physical delivery process begins.

Cash Account

This is a member account for non–credit card transactions. Funds can be added via check, cash, or by manual adjustments entered by Admin; order payments can be subtracted. It can be viewed as “cash only” or “cash plus subscription payments.”

Companion products

Companion products are things you sell ONLY to current CSA subscribers, in addition to their share. We also call them “add-on products”.

Delivery credits

See Box credits.

Products and Product Listings

The ‘product’ is an item offered for sale through your online catalog. You create and maintain the detailed description and other information about that product in a ‘product listing’ you complete for each product. Each share can have one or more product listings, an add-on product has one listing.


A ‘share’ is a box (or bag) of farm products made available to the subscriber on a regularly scheduled basis. A share has several key characteristics: a name, a seasonal period, one or more sizes, and a price associated with each size. This information is used throughout the system, and is entered in a separate screen from the Product Listing. Shares are added clicking on Shares & Products / CSA Shares / Add a Share.


The ‘stock keeping unit’ is the standard identification of a retail item, specifying the price, size (attribute) and how to collect payment for the product. A product can have up to six SKUs associated with it.


The ‘subscriber’ or ‘member’ is the customer who purchases products from your CSA farm. Within the software, the terms ‘member’ and ‘subscriber’ are used interchangeably. Members can have one or more subscriptions. Members can be tagged ‘active’ or ‘inactive’, depending on whether they are currently receiving deliveries via a subscription.


A ‘subscription’ is an agreement between the customer and the producer for the purchase of a share of CSA farm products for a specified length of time. Subscriptions have three possible states, ‘active’, ‘canceled’, or ‘completed’.


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