Debit Held Deliveries

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You can select this option under "Subscription Settings" if your store chooses to charge members for held box deliveries.

Debit held deliveries count as if delivered, i.e. even if a box is placed on hold that box credit is removed from the total count. Farmers use this to ensure there are no residual credits left at the end of a season. (And therefore no requests for refunds from members.)

What is the impact of debit held deliveries on biweekly subscriptions when shifting forward/back scheduling ?

For debit held deliveries, boxes on hold count, i.e. are subtracted from the total. So shifting a biweekly subscription forward or backwards will use an extra box credit (since the held box counts.) To make up for that used credit, navigate to your member's subscription page, click on "Subscription Payments," then click "Add Deliveries." Use the "Direct Credit" payment type option, specify the number of delivery credits to be added, add a memo for reference, and then "Submit."



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