Add-ons attached to incorrect subscription

What if the add-ons are attached to wrong subscription?

If a member has more than one subscription, to the left of the add-ons listed will be several buttons (in addition to the cancel button): Reassign and Detach.

To move an add-on to a different subscription click Reassign. A screen will display showing the member’s other active subscriptions, select the correct subscription and the add-on will be moved. Note! The member may have paid for more OR less add-on credits than the length of that subscription selected. If the member overpaid, you will need to issue a refund. If member underpaid, they will be billed automatically once the current number of add-on credits is used.

To turn an add-on into a Stand Alone, select Detach. You would do this to be able to move the delivery date, so use this only for Single Delivery frequencies. (And remember, Stand Alones generate a separate sign in sheet/label.) 

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