Changing the week of a BW subscription

How do I change the subscription’s bi-weekly week (from 1 to 2, or from week 2 to 1)?

Permanent: Subscription page, flip BW check box. Remember this is subject to drop site BW rules regarding Week A or Week B.

Single time: CSA subscription, select Box Schedule from the brown navigation side-bar, go to the date via the calendar, scroll to bottom of page and you will see Shift BW [earlier] [later]. (If you do not see this Shift BW option, the drop site associated with the subscription has a week A/week B rule in place.) The regularly scheduled date will be automatically placed on hold and the new date will be scheduled.


Admin can always do this on behalf of a member, members can do this too from their member dashboard if you allow it. See Shares&Products/Settings/Option settings/ Subscriber settings.


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