Admin placed orders

When should admin place an order for a member?

Admin might need to order for a member if 1) member has no computer or no e-mail address, or 2) member purchasing large quantity of subscriptions. Create member account, add subscriptions at the bottom of the member page.

Admin might also order for a member between order and final deadlines.

Ideally, though, the member should place their own orders. This ensures (more) accurate billing info and encourages member use of the Member Dashboard for later activity/transactions.


Limitations of admin placed orders

For new subscribers, an admin created subscription means the member needs to be sent an Account log-in Invite so the member can then access the subscription through their member dashboard. You will see the button to send this e-mail on the CSA Member page. The member can then set up their own password. An additional reason to have the member sign up themselves is to collect payment information.

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