How do I (and why would I) bill directly to a member CIM Profile?


Direct credits can be added to a subscription via the Subscription page, see Due Subscription payments/Make payment. You might do this for hosts, to make up for a missed box that scheduled as delivered, if you are billing directly through for a delivery. direct billing; sometimes you will need to bill outside of CSAware. If a box or an item was delivered but not scheduled is the most common reason. Follow these steps, and be sure to create a memo in the member’s subscription so we can track the payment for future questions/concerns.


  1. Log-in to
  2. Open new window, log-in to CSAware.
  3. Go to Member screen (not the subscription) and click on the CIM Profile # in blue type. This will bring you to the member 'folder' in
  1. Find the charge button, select Authorize AND Capture, no shipping/delivery option.
  1. Bill the amount, add a memo noting which products being billed for.
  2. Copy the transaction id # and post that in a memo in the CSAware member account. Do not add anything to cash.



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