Billing member for a balance due


Occasionally you may need to bill a member for delivery of unpaid product, purchases made at the pick up site, or simply for their balance due. (Maybe a pay-by-check subscription becomes a bill-to-cc subscription.) Member needs to have an active cc on file, and can be billed via the member's cash account screen. DEBIT member cash for the amount to be billed to create a balance due. A third button will display labeled Bill For Cash. (Next to the Add Credit and Add Debit buttons.) On the order the billed amount will be labeled CSAware Credit Purchase.


In the very rare case you need to bill the member's cc directly in, use these steps. This situation has been superseded by the Bill For Cash feature. direct billing; sometimes you will need to bill outside of CSAware. If a box or an item was delivered but not scheduled is the most common reason. Follow these steps, and be sure to create a memo in the member’s subscription so we can track the payment for future questions/concerns.


  1. Log-in to
  2. Open new window, log-in to CSAware.
  3. Go to Member screen (not the subscription) and click on the CIM Profile # in blue type. This will bring you to the member 'folder' in
  1. Find the charge button, select Authorize AND Capture, no shipping/delivery option.
  1. Bill the amount, add a memo noting which products being billed for.
  2. Copy the transaction id # and post that in a memo in the CSAware member account. Do not add anything to cash.

Direct credits can be added to a subscription via the Subscription page, see Due Subscription payments/Make payment. You might do this for hosts, to make up for a missed box that scheduled as delivered, or if you are billing directly through cash account or for a delivery.



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