Delivery day Bulk Holds/Reschedules


If you need to move a drop site’s delivery day, say around the holidays you want to move Thanksgiving Thursday boxes to the Tuesday before, use Deliveries / Bulk Holds-Rescheduling. Here is where you will create the rescheduling moves OR set a farm vacation from the left green menu.


Farm vacation means all the drops for the week (Sunday thru Saturday) are on hold. Member will see a light purple box on their delivery calendar, and nothing is scheduled for that farm-vacationed day. (Nor billed.) Select the week to be vacationed and then the Set Vacation button. Pay attention to the impact on bi-weekly subscriptions. A vacationed week will not flip Week A boxes to Week B, it will simply hold all the boxes for the week.



To Move Deliveries from one day to a different day within the same week select the week of the moves, the applicable shares, and/or specific drop sites. Use the drop down boxes to select move from and move to day of the week. Only one move to/from day can be selected, so you may need to create multiple rules. Add a memo if desired, Activate. You can also Save a Draft if you are not quite ready to move the boxes.


To Hold Deliveries on specific days or for specific drops, select the week, shares, drops and then the days to be held. Add a memo and Activate.

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