Contract and terms of use

Congratulations! You are going to love this service and be thrilled by the powerful and flexible features. Many farms, each with a slightly different way of doing business, find CSAware the tool they need to manage and grow their CSA operations.

When your contract was signed, we required a $300 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to your first (set of) billing(s) from us, once you begin deliveries using the software. We bill once a month for 2 % of the deliveries made the month before. 

All CSAware billings are automatically deducted from your bank account. Go to Home / Billing / Payment Method to enter your bank account data. On the first business day of the month we will (still) send an invoice. 10th day of the month we will send a reminder notice of the amount due LocalHarvest for CSAware services. 15th day of the month we will deduct payment from your bank account. Please be sure to review all invoices sent in a timely manner! 

***If for any reason you are unable to 1) complete your set up or 2) make deliveries using CSAware, the deposit is not refundable. ***

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