Excluded Products

The following types of products are not eligible for submission to the catalog.

Commonly available fruits and vegetables

We do not accept "generic" fruits and vegetables like lettuce or squash for mail order.

Products with artificial ingredients

Products may NOT include the following types of ingredients: artificial scents (essential oils are the only allowable fragrances), artificial colorants, or glycerine based soaps. There is a certain "natural" quality we seek in the body care products and foods carried in our catalog.


Due to oversupply, we are no longer accepting new soap vendors.

Soy Candles

We do not accept soy candles.

On "re-sale" products:

In general, re-sale products are not permitted because they do not fit the criteria above. (Re- sale products are those that a farmer might purchase and then sell on Limited exceptions may be made, on a case by case basis, where the re-sale item is directly related to the farmer's primary product line on An example would be candle wicking, sold through the LH store of a member who also sells bulk beeswax to candle crafters. If you would like to submit a re-sale product for consideration, please contact us.

Seed Growers:

By and large, we accept only seeds grown or collected by LocalHarvest vendors themselves. If you purchase seeds from other growers and re-sell them, please contact us about whether our catalog is a good match for your seeds.


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