How to Add a Product Photo

The picture file must be either a "jpg" or "jpeg" format; the size of the file should be less than 2MB.

The resolution of the photo should be 800 x 800 pixels, ideally, or if that is difficult, we can trim it from a larger photo, provided you leave sufficient background around it for correct trimming.

We do not allow "altered" pictures, meaning a montage of photos put together in Photoshop or image editor, photos with text superimposed on them, or photos/scanned images of product labels. Just a plain photo, please.

To add your photo:

  • Click Product / SKU and select the product you want to edit
  • From the Product page, in the "Photo" section, click "Browse"
  • Browse your computer for the file you want to add
  • Click "Save Product" - the photo will appear in the view box


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