Shipping Price Guide

A shipping price guide can be found in the "Shipping Ratio" section. This guide will help you determine which values, or pricing, best meet ideal shipping and product costs. To activate the window, click "shipping-to-product cost ratio".

The above table compares your shipping and product cost, taking in to consideration the minimum order requirement. The "# Items" row represents a potential number of items purchased by the customer, since purchases will vary.

  • Green color coding indicates that shipping is no more than 20% of the product cost
  • Yellow indicates that shipping is between 20-35% of the product cost
  • Red indicates that shipping is more than 35% of the product cost

You can use this information to see the impact of setting a higher product price while lowering the shipping price. This combination of higher product price and free or low-priced shipping usually results in higher sales. When you update the values for product price, unit shipping, base shipping, or the minimum order, the results in the table will change.


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