How It All Works

  • You use our online store-building tools to create your LocalHarvest Store.
  • We'll review your LocalHarvest Store to ensure that it complies with our standards, and approve it for inclusion into our catalog if it does.
  • We will actively market and offer your products to the public via the LocalHarvest Web site.
  • When a visitor buys your products from us we reserve the funds on the buyer's credit card and email notifying you of the order.
  • You then log on to your "order center" to view details of the order including the address and products ordered.
  • Once you ship the product to the address the buyer has indicated, you visit your order center and click the "Confirm Shipment" button.
  • We then charge the customer's credit card and place the money in your LocalHarvest account.
  • We will mail you a check once a month for the amount of purchases that have cleared at that time.
  • For most catalog products, LocalHarvest retains a payment of 13% of the sale, including shipping but before taxes (10% sales commission + 3% credit card processing fees) plus a $0.25/order processing fee. The exception to the above is CSA subscriptions, for which the total commission/fees is 6% (3% sales commission + 3% merchant account fees) plus a $0.25 order processing fee.
  • Products that do not sell at all within 12 months of initial approval will be "retired" from the LH catalog. Vendors may appeal the retirement of a product by contacting the LH Catalog Coordinator.


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