Tips for Taking a Quality Photo

Nowhere is the old line about a picture being worth 1,000 words more true than when creating an online catalog. Over and over we see that that products that have great photos sell better than do the ones with poor photos.

What makes a stand-out photo?

  • The product needs to be clearly visible and attractively displayed.
  • In many cases the product is best displayed removed from its packaging and put in a natural, appealing setting.
  • Use a background with adequate contrast between the product and the background so that the product stands out and is easy to see.
  • Avoid putting your product against a bright colored or "busy" background.
  • Meats are best pictured as cooked and on the plate, or as a live animal.
  • In general, close-up shots are better than far away ones.
  • In some cases you may wish to use a photo of one of the product ingredients, rather than the product itself -- a picture of ripe strawberries instead of a jar of jam.
  • Leave enough room around the pictured item so that the photo can be "squared" without cutting off parts of the item.


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