Coupon Rules and Guidelines

Coupons will be reviewed before we post them on LocalHarvest. Please submit your coupon by Wednesday 5pm Pacific Standard Time to be activated on Fridays.

Feel free to distribute the coupon code through your other marketing channels, such as facebook, a blog, or website.

Coupons are valid for two weeks from the broadcast date.

You may create as many coupons as you like. We recommend offering just one coupon at a time.

You can choose to limit the number of people who use a coupon by selecting the "use limit" feature. You may also limit the number of uses to one coupon per person, using the "per person limit" feature.

You may choose to keep the coupon code private, ie, not for distribution or promotion through the LocalHarvest website. For example, select "keep private" if you want to share the coupon code only with customers who have previously purchased from you, or you want to extend the coupon only to your CSA membership.

A selection of coupons will be published on the "LocalHarvest Deals" page, accessible from the LocalHarvest homepage where visitors to the site can browse for coupons. Your coupon will also be published on your storefront and product page.


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