How to Create a Store Coupon


  1. Click the "coupons" link in the left navigation column.
  2. Click the "add coupon" button at the right of the page.
  3. Fill out the "New Promotion" page:
    • You can use the randomly generated redemption code, or we recommend that you type in your own custom code. For example "10OFFJUL".
    • Fill in "Promotion Title" with the title you’d like to use for your coupon. For example: "Holiday Special! $5.00 of your purchase of $50.00 or more".
    • Enter dates. If your coupon is submitted by Wednesday by 5pm PST and approved, it will go live that Friday. If you wish to create a coupon with a start date that is farther in the future, you may indicate your preferred start date. (All coupons go live on Fridays.) Coupons will be valid for two weeks.
    • Choose percentage, dollar amount, or free shipping for promotion type. Depending on your choice, additional fields may appear in the form. Click the ? icon for more information about these.
    • The "notes" box can be used to provide the customer with additional information if needed.
  4. Click "submit for approval" to submit the coupon for review. If you are not finished working on your coupon, click "save draft".


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