Farm Crafts

The materials for the craft must be obtained locally, from your own farm or another farmer. Even though many farmers are excellent crafters, we do not accept crafts that rely only on store- bought materials. Examples of this would be items knit from synthetic yarns purchased at a store. Acceptable knit items would be those made from your own sheep's wool, or from your neighbor's wool.

We have found that the farm craft section of the catalog has grown disproportionate to sales, and we are now going to be limiting new additions to those items that fit with our vision for the catalog. We apologize in advance if your craft submission is not chosen for the catalog. We are quite familiar with our customer base and see the need to limit crafts to those that we believe will sell to our customers. We may choose to accept one or two of a new kind of craft on a trial basis. Please do not submit a large number of crafts before checking with us on whether our catalog is a good fit for your item.


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