Soliciting Consumers to Your Own eCommerce Website

We at consider this project to be a service to the small-scale farming community, and we try to run it in such a way as to offer greatest possible benefit to our members. We use the 13% fee we charge on each catalog transaction to cover our costs.

On occasion we have had members who have solicited shoppers from LocalHarvest and encouraged them to make purchases through the member's own web site rather than through their LH store. Our financial margin is simply too tight to allow this, and, more personally, it undermines the cooperative and mutually beneficial environment of the site.

We have adopted a strict policy against solicitation. If we see a solicitation to a member's own website on a product listing, we will talk with the member about it. If it occurs a second time, the member's store and listing in the LH directory will be taken off of the site. We hope our reasoning for this policy makes sense. If you have questions about it, please contact us.


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