Acceptable Events

Here are some examples of things we consider to be relevant events, and things we do not. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • on-farm harvest festival
  • farmers' market opening day or themed festival
  • farmer speaking at a public event
  • classes you are hosting/teaching, and the like
  • special farm tours
  • a holiday open house at the farm
  • special "theme" days about food at the farmers' market; celebrating blueberries, featuring a cooking demonstration, etc
  • a special meal with guest farm or farms at a restaurant


  • a recurring event, such as weekly farmers markets
  • your farm's deadlines for CSA sign-ups
  • items now available/on sale (an actual one day physical event on your farm is okay, but this kind of things are not: "pre-order sale!" or "Onion sets available now!")
  • 5K Fun Run your chamber of commerce is hosting (having no direct relationship to food, your farm or farmers' market)
  • the "season" for a particular product (e.g. "It's lamb season!")
  • musical events or storytimes at your farmers' market (themes that are not relevant to food)



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    Kristina McLaughlin

    I will be setting up my Fruit / vegetable stand all month on Broadway in Idaho Falls across from the West motel , in the parking lot of U-haul next to the side walk. .from. 11: 00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m... If u like a lot of fruit / vegatables locally grown, I HAVE ALOT TO PICK FROM N ENJOY. PLEASE TEXT ME. A MESSAGE N LETS ENJOY THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS THAT HAS BEEN GROWN LOCALLY HERE IN EASTREN IDAHO... That I have picked... Such as. A assortment of apples, peaches,plums,pears,apricots ,tomatoes,squash's,zucchini, potatoes ,n than some... Sept.2021...

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