Other e-mails from CSA Manager

If you want to send individual and/or non Broadcast e-mails to members this needs to be done outside of CSA Manager. You can access member e-mails several ways.

1. Customers/CSA Subscriptions/download subscriptions at bottom of the page. The download into Excel will include e-mail addresses (and much more.)

2. Customers/CSA Members/download subscribers at the bottom of the page. The download will include e-mail addresses as well.

You can also download subscriptions for a single drop site. Go to Deliveries/Drop Off Sites. Next to the drop you wish to e-mail, click on the little person icon to see the subscriptions for that drop site. But remember, you can also use Broadcast e-mail and select a single drop site for an e-mail blast. (Might be quicker!)


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