Coupons (Option Settings)

CSA Manager offers you the ability to create and manage coupons. A coupon can be created for either a percentage discount or a dollar amount off. To turn on this feature: go to Shares & Products / Settings / Option Settings. Scroll to the bottom, click on the check box next to Store Coupons and save the page. Now go to Shares & Products / Coupons / Add Coupon.

Coupon Code: CSA Manager will generate a random alpha-numeric code for you to use, but you can type over it and add something less random like, “SPRING10%” or “JOINUS2013”.

Promotion Name: This name is displayed on your members’ order page.

Deadline: If this coupon will have an expiration date, enter it here.

Uses: If this is a “first 50 orders get 10% off” kind of promotion, enter the maximum number of eligible orders here. If an unlimited number of people can use the code, check the “unlimited” box. If this is a discount that will be applied to recurring orders (e.g. 10% off a weekly order of eggs), click on the “sticky” box.

After coupon creation, Save Draft, review data and if all good Activate the coupon.

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