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CSA Manager uses two different deadlines to help you process your deliveries for a given date: an ORDER and a FINAL deadline. These deadlines are most critical for farms using recurring (weekly) billing for their subscriptions and/or selling add-ons that are billed weekly.

Note: The official “Delivery Day” is designated as 12:01 AM on the day of delivery. All calculated deadline times are based on this starting point.

ORDER DEADLINE (for the member): The Order Deadline is the last minute in which subscribers can use CSA Manager to modify their boxes (place a new subscription, order add-on items, or put their box on hold). After this point in time designated by the farmer, all boxes for a particular delivery day become closed to any further modification by the buyer. NOTE: Farmers will still be able to make changes on their members' behalf.

FINAL DEADLINE (for the farmer): The Final Deadline is the moment in time after which all CSA boxes and delivery details are “set in stone.” No changes are allowed to any deliveries after the Final Deadline. Signup sheets, packing lists, and other production and delivery documents become available for printout right after the Final Deadline.

What happens BETWEEN the Order Deadline and the Final Deadline? Immediately after the Order Deadline, all payments due are automatically debited from the buyers' credit cards. Some people's payments may not get processed because their credit card has expired or reached the credit limit; in those cases you and the member will receive an e-mail alert. These members only have until your Final Deadline to update their payment information to allow a successful payment in order to be placed back on your delivery list for the week.

How to Set Your Deadlines: Use the Box Deadline entry form to assign your deadlines. We suggest you first determine the Final Deadline that will allow you to meet your box preparation and delivery schedule, followed by determining the Order Deadlines that provide a sufficient time to complete all financial transactions before the system locks down for production.

After you’ve completed the table and SAVED your entry, CSA Manager will calculate and display your customized deadlines based on each delivery day you’ve entered previously. 

Review the calculated deadline information carefully. You can repeatedly adjust and save your rolling deadline criteria until you arrive at an optimal rolling deadline schedule for you and your members.

If you want to adjust any particular day’s rolling deadline, use the green arrow in the "ʺExceptions"ʺ column to shift an individual’s day'ʹs deadlines by one (or more) days. This adjustment feature is useful for grouping deadlines for different days together to simplify your deadline schedule. When you place your cursor over the upward green arrow, the rollover message “Shift rolling deadlines back by one day” appears. After you select to roll the deadline back, the box displays the message (shifted 1 day) reflecting how your deadlines were changed.

After rolling “back” a deadline, you are presented an equivalent green arrow cursor which allows you to shift your rolling deadline ahead one day at a time. Note: You are ONLY able to shift the rolling deadline ahead up to its original deadline setting, not further in the future.


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