CSA Member cash accounts

The default view is only cash account activity: adjustments, pay by check
order activity including check discounts, and posted payments.

If the balance is negative, this is the amount you are owed. If the balance is positive, 
this is the amount of ‘store credit’ for the member.
To see all member financial activity (cash and credit card) Select Cash Plus
Subscription Payments.

Remember, whenever a credit card order is placed by a member, 
CSA Manager will use the positive cash balance 
first, bill the credit card for the remainder. The only way a member can use
their cash account balance to purchase from the storefront. IF you wish to
refund a positive cash balance to a member, write them a check and zero out
the cash account.

When might you add cash to a member’s account? If they were eligible but
forgot to use a coupon, product delivered was defective in some way and
you wish to ‘reimburse’ member, host discount or new member referral
amount, a product was billed but undelivered
(out of stock?)

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