Sending Broadcast e-mails to members

Use this to send ‘bulk’ email messages to your members, or various subsets
of members. Go to Customers/Broadcast Email/Add Draft. Select
from the various subsets.

Pay Attention that the default (Subscription) Status
is All Current and Past Subscribers. If you wish to reach Active subscriptions
only, select from the drop down menu.

Be sure to type directly into the e-mail body, cut-and-paste from Word or some other document software may introduce funny (unwanted) characters. Links to other websites allowed, NO pictures allowed.

After the e-mail is typed, click Save Draft. From the overview page, you can now Process (click button.) You will then see the e-mail text and the intended recipient e-mail list. If all looks good, send a Test e-mail to your farm e-mail account. 

Once received, review for content, return to CSA Manager broadcast e-mail screen, select Process and Send Blast (Broadcast.)



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