Harvest List

The Harvest List is the farmer overview of products/items needed for the week. You can select a specific day(s) under the calendar, hit the Refresh button for the modified view.

Boxes are your total share counts, Boxed Harvest Items are what is needed from the field, as per your What's In The Box selected items and the number of CSA shares, and Add-ons are the separately purchased items needed for the week (or for the days selected.)

Several reports are available from the left side menu; a valuable one is the CSA Item Week History. This report displays a grid of items packed in previous boxes. Use this to see variety for the current year, and a history of harvesting for previous years (see the year drop down field at the top of the page.)

Caution: Once your final deadline has passed for the first delivery day of the week, no edits can be made to What's In the Box.

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