CSA Manager

CSA Manager is a service offered by LocalHarvest for smaller and/or not-very-complicated farm set ups.

If you have 20 or 200+ members; deliver CSA shares on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; need a little help with organizing the sales, delivery days, and accounting reports, this may be just the software for you.

Three subscription payment options will made available to your members: your PayPal account, Pay-by-Check (member mails it to you), Recurring (per delivery) billing through the LocalHarvest catalog.

Your costs for the service will be:

1. $10 a month.

2. Plus, 10 cents per box delivered as per the software delivery reports.

3. Plus, 1% e-commerce fee for all sales through the LocalHarvest catalog (CSA Manager storefront.)

4. If your members are using the LocalHarvest merchant account for recurring billing, in addition to the usual service fees we collect our costs of 3% plus 25 cents per transaction.


CSA MANAGER set up is easy and fast. From your LocalHarvest listing admin pages you can create an storefront, add products, launch your online store. Members will be able to find you and commit to your season with a few clicks.

LocalHarvest MARKETING:

Our directory lists over 30,000 family farms and farmers markets, along with restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food. We call it a 'grassroots' directory because each member creates and maintains their own listing. 

Every year, over 7 million people search our directory to find local food, farm events, and family farmer-grown specialty products. LocalHarvest offers several related services:

  • Keep Me Posted: a weekly email featuring customized local food and farm events 
  • Our monthly newsletter
  • An online catalog of farm products available by mail order
  • CSAware: a software service for CSA farms
  • and now LocalHarvest CSA Manager: software service for farms smaller and/or with less complicated selling operations.


LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it.

Buying local is about enjoying real food, grown yourself or purchased from people you trust. It's about developing strong local economies and producing food on a human scale. It's about eating seasonally, practicing the art of cooking, and sitting down to enjoy meals together. It requires ample local and regional producers, processors, and distributors. As we see it, the goal of the local food movement is to create thriving community-based food systems that will make high quality local food available to everyone.

To that end, LocalHarvest makes millions of introductions a year. 

We make it easy to find good food.











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