Customizing MAIN Store settings

1. Catalog Item Message: The optional message you place here conveys important information about your farm and will display at the bottom on every product listing, following the long description field. By entering brief (1 or 2 paragraphs) information about your farm, products or add-ons here, you can avoid entering that same information on every individual product listing.

2. Store Footer: The information you enter here will appear on the footer of all of your product pages in a distinguishable yellow box with a colored background. The information you place in this footer should not change frequently, but might announce that you are organic and include a small logo, or perhaps remind members that “the order deadline is X hours before the date of delivery.”


At the bottom of the Main Settings form, please enter contact information for your members. We call your attention to the Email Address option. Since this will be the address to which all order notifications from your members will be sent, it is recommended that the address you give here is one you check regularly and frequently, so you can process orders promptly. Similarly, the mailing address will be shown to your members for sending in physical check payments.

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