CSA Subscriptions screen

The default screen is CSA Subscriptions: Active. Other subsets can be
viewed using the brown menu on the left. (Note only seasonal shares are
‘completed.’) Subscriptions can be downloaded into Excel via link at bottom
of the page.

Drill down options from this Subscription overview screen:
Dollar sign to member Cash Account. Green colored means positive or zero
cash balance for the member, red colored means negative cash balance, i.e.
you are owed money.
Subscriber name. CSA Member page, Contact info, all attached subscriptions, including canceled and completed subscriptions.
Green Hash tag icon. Subscription payments for shares only. This is also the
place to Add delivery credits. To view share purchases and add ons go to
Cash Account or Order History.
Open Box icon. Member specific delivery schedule.
Subscription name. Subscription details like frequency, drop site, remaining
paid box credits. Bottom of the page displays all add-on purchases associated with
this subscription.
Small black type: W/B identifies weekly or biweekly.
Delivery day of the week
Number in brackets is the subscription Id.
Crd Column. Remaining paid box credits for the subscription.

ALL of the column headers can be used to sort and group together like
items, a click on crd will sort paid box credits in Ascending order.

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