Posting check payments received

A pay-by-check order will create the subscription but not assign any paid box credits until payment is posted in member cash account. Member will have a negative cash balance (red dollar sign to the left of their name.) 

Go to member cash account: Add Credit, at the new screen type in the
amount, Payment type will be Check, type in the check number. As the cash
balance will now be zero, all the box credits will be released and nothing
further needed.


Partial payment: Although CSA Manager does not offer partial payment SKUs, we recognize farmers make special arrangements with their members. Post a partial payment check amount in member Cash Account to reduce the outstanding balance due, and then in the member's subscription screen under the DUE section click on [ subscription payments / make payment ] and ADD Deliveries.

Many farmers add a corresponding number of credits, like if 1 of 3 payments is received, then add ⅓ of the seasons box credits. You will need to repeat this step each time a partial payment is received.

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