Confirming Orders


All new orders have to be confirmed; therefore are highlighted when you
log into your CSA Manager admin homepage.
New orders include: new Subscriptions and new Add-ons.

If an order is placed with a recurring billing SKU, only the initial order will
need to be confirmed. Thereafter, orders are billed automatically, and can be
viewed from Orders/Auto orders.

Orders can be canceled before confirmation; you will need to add a memo explaining to the member why the order has been canceled. A canceled order will not bill the member's credit card, although a hold for the purchase amount may remain on their account for a day or two. 

Instances of this might be: egg add-on subscriptions have reached the supply limit, but a customer placed an order for eggs before the admin could take the SKU offline, or a drop site is going to be canceled due to lack of interest.

It is important to stay on top of to-be-confirmed orders in the queue. Confirmation begins the process of actual billing to member credit card and then funds transferred to your bank account.



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