Add-on Product SKUs

Once a new product is created, and before the product can be Approved for Catalog, you must create the SKUs.

The two main differences in setting up a SKU for an add-on product, versus the CSA share SKUs, have to do with pricing and inventory.

Pricing: Per unit price, as per the Attribute identified. For example, a honey product might have 2 SKUs:

A. Attribute field is 12 oz bottle/price is $12.50.

B. Attribute field is 32 oz jar/price is $37.50.

Inventory: If you have unlimited stock, uncheck Keep Stock box.

If you do have limited inventory, keep this box checked, and enter the quantity that is currently available. The software will subtract from this number as your members place orders throughout the week.

After you save the SKU and return to it, you will have an additional button in the ‘# in stock’ field, allowing you to add additional stock as it becomes available.

Product SKUs can be edited at any time, the new price will be reflected in all orders made after the price change.

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