Build the CSA Box (What's In The Box)

The first screen will display your various CSA shares. Click on the share name to open up the item selection for the week (or future weeks--use the calendar to move forward.)

Check the boxes to the left of the items list to add an item to the box. Selection of an item will open up several new fields:

The days this item is available (maybe tomatoes are ready for Tuesday boxes but not Sunday);

and the option(s) numbered at the top of the column(s) which correspond to your different share sizes. If applicable. Us the green arrow to indicate the uni quantity per size for each box.

Note as you enter item quantities the grid under the calendar fills in with item counts per share size. If you have set up cost/price per item, these counts will tally as well.

Be sure to Save Changes. The What's In The Box schedule for subsequent weeks can be populated by clicking the Previous Week button at the bottom of the page; you can then edit as needed to reflect the current week's offerings.

PUBLISH box in upper left corner: If checked the box items will be viewable by your members. Uncheck if you do not want your members to see in advance their box contents.


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