Adding CSA Items

CSA Items are the products you place in the CSA box (as opposed to add-ons, which are sold separately). CSA Items must be maintained for all custom share boxes.

This feature has two functions:

1. To alert your members to the contents of their box ahead of pick-up. This is optional; when selecting the items to build the box for the week, keep the Publish box checked.

2. Produce Harvest lists.

Item Type: Establishes sort order in the What's In The Box.

Name: The name of your item

Code: (Optional)

Unit: We have a number of types of units to choose from, click on the drop down menu. 

Count: Typically would use a “1” here, because you are talking about a collection of products that make a unit. A bunch (the unit) of radishes is a good example of a count of “1.”

Cost: Internal cost per unit. Optional, but useful to determine profit margins per box.
Price: Retail or member price per item. Also optional, but useful to determine you are valuing the box contents as per member expectation/farm needs. The parameters are noted in your CSA Share set up, and not seen by your members.

Short description: Keep it short! You might use this to indicate product from another farm.

Status: Live (default) means this item will show on your What's In the Box selection screen. In order to keep this list easy to manage, you can take items offline during their off-season. You will simply have fewer items to scroll through when building the box for the week. 

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