How to avoid getting your emails sent as spam

To ensure you are avoiding potential spam filters/triggers, it is helpful to understand how emails are sent and received. When you send an email from our Broadcast Email feature, the recipient’s server (@icloud, @gmail, @yahoo, etc) will run a “check” on your message before dropping into the members inbox. These checks are to protect the recipient from spam or phishing attempts. Work and school emails will have much stricter filters. 

If your message clears through the spam filters, then it should appear in the recipient's inbox. If your message has some spam content, but is deemed non threatening, then it may appear in the recipient's spam folder. If you have too much spam content, your message will be blocked and not received by the member. 

Sending out an email that has spam content can be very damaging to our email reputation as a whole, and cause deliverability issues in the future. Therefore, please be sure you are taking the time to understand how to avoid sending spam content. Many companies will immediately blacklist senders that use certain phrases, such as "click here," "follow this link," "make money." etc. This is especially important for the subject line, so be very careful on how you are wording. Other spam content can include 

  1. Using too many punctuation marks !! or ?!? or ???
  2. Using all caps in places
  3. Using emojis
  4. Having too long of an email - the shorter the better! 

Members can add the sender’s email address to their contacts to help the recipient server recognize your messages as not spam. Additionally, making sure you are using the “promotional” vs “not promotional” filters correctly is very important to ensuring a more successful email deliverability rate. 

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