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Auto Renew

A completed seasonal subscription to an "Auto-Renew" share will automatically convert to an equivalent share. Once you have it set up, members will no longer need to manually purchase shares each season and can instead opt in to be auto-renewed. Auto renew is used to automatically convert your members subscriptions into an equivalent subscription for the next season of your choosing. For example, you may want to auto renew your Summer members from last season, into the next summer season. Or maybe you would like to auto renew members from summer to fall to winter to spring. 

Here is how you can set it up: 

The originating share must be set to auto renew, before you can  renew your members into another share. For example, you are auto renewing Summer 2022 into Summer 2023. We set up the Summer 2022 share to "opt out", meaning that when the members originally purchased and sign up for this share, they were automatically set to auto renew for the next summer season, with the option to opt out. Then come the auto renewal date, all members set to auto renew into Summer 2023 will be automatically charged and set up with the new share. 

  1. You will need to set the share up as usual with the  share wizard or edit and existing share. Once you are done creating the product listing settings and sku, you can come back to the Share Settings to configure the auto renew.
  2.  Find this section: mceclip0.png
  3. "Renews (opt-out)" and "Renews (opt-in)" are your two options for auto renew. If you are choosing the opt-out option, it is expected that you are taking the time and efforts to be sure your members understand what it means and how they can opt out (instructions for opting out are below); it is expected to give them ample time and opportunity to opt out. 
  4. "Renews from:" This is how you can choose the path of the auto renew. In our example, Summer 2022 auto renews into Summer 2023, and here is where you note that. This means that anyone who is set "Yes" for auto renew on their Summer 2022 share will be auto renewed into this Summer 2023 share.
  5. Auto Renewal Date: All Summer 2022 members were set to opt-out auto renew when they purchased the share originally. Talk to your account manager if you need us to retroactively place everyone on auto renew. In our example, come 1/26/23, the software will generate orders for the members who have not opted out; they will be charged for this Summer 2023 share and set up with a new subscription on this date. The renewal date can only be 3 weeks before the old share ends and up to one week before the new share begins.

The subscriptions that are generated will be based off of the original order sku, freq, drop, etc. Any add-ons the previous share completed with will be auto renewed as well. The add-ons have to be from the same sku in order to be auto renewed. If you have your add-ons set up separately per season, they will not be auto renewed. Additionally, single delivery add-ons or add-ons that were canceled before the final delivery of the previous season will not be auto renewed.


Do what you can to make sure your members' payment information is up to date before the Auto Renewal date passes, this way you will not have to spend as much time chasing failed payments. 

Here is how you can allow your members to opt out: 

  1. First and foremost, your members can opt out at anytime by going to their subscription page on their member dashboard. Once they log in, they can click on "View/Modify Subscription" and find the subscription for auto-renew. There will then be this option here where they can choose opt-in or opt-out, mceclip2.png
  2. Closer to the auto-renewal date, you will want to begin sending communications to your members about the auto-renewal process. You can use the Broadcast Email feature to reach the subscriptions set to auto renew by following these options. The "status" you choose should be either "Scheduled for Auto Renew" or "Opted Out of Auto Renew" depending on your message. Then if needed you can use the week, day, freq, drop, tag filters. But most importantly you will want to select the correct share. This share you choose should be the previous share that is auto renewing into a new one. In our example, you would choose the Summer 2022 share.mceclip1.png
  3. You will then type out your message, but making sure to include the markup tag "[autoRenewButtons] : Block with "Confirm" / "Opt Out" buttons. Only valid when using Auto-Renew filters" See example below:
  4. The buttons will appear in the email like so, and members will be redirected to their member dashboard will alerts at the top corresponding with which button they clicked: mceclip4.pngmceclip5.pngmceclip6.png
  5. You can then process the email as usual by clicking on the process button, sending a test email to yourself, and paying attention to the destination list. Once you are ready to send, hit the "broadcast button, and you are good to go!
  6. Before the auto renewal date, it will be important that you review the "Scheduled AutoRenewals" report. To view this report go to Customers and Partners / CSA Subscriptions and click on the Scheduled Auto-Renewals link on the left hand menu. This report will give you the exact details for the upcoming auto renew on a per member basis. Please be sure to spot check and make sure all the details are correct, such as is it generating the correct share, do the add-ons looks correct, are the prices correct, etc. Please bring any issues up with your account manager before the auto renewal date, that way we can resolve the issue before it happens. 
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