How do I add a new photo or edit my photos?

To add photos, log in to LocalHarvest at

Click "Profile Pictures" in the left navigation column. Next, click "manage photos".

To add a new photo, click the blue "Add Photo" button.

To make changes to your photos, from your photo gallery page, click on a photo to bring up the filmstrip view.

At the top right, you'll see a number of icons. Use the "silhouette / outline of a person" icon to make the photo your Profile Photo

Use the red trash can icon to remove a photo.

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    Amanda Jones

    Thank you for the new blog post feature. It is great. I posted our first blog post today but was unable to ad a media file (photo). I am not sure if the problem was on my end or with Local Harvest. The dropdown directory would not load. 


    Amanda Jones

    Doko Farm 

    Blythewood, SC 29016

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    Theresa Denham

    Thank you for your site. So grateful to have it. I went to the link provided in your address, and looked in the left column, and there is no "add photo" option.

    I do see the following: 

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