When starting the BoxBot box builder for the week, you can copy stock counts and a-la carte (0 target) items from previous weeks. If you’d like to carry stock counts over when copying items from the previous week, make sure to select the “copy stock numbers” checkbox before clicking on "Copy Previous Week":

You will also notice a new “build targets” button at the bottom of your BoxB ot page. This function will pre-fill your item targets with suggested counts for each item, based on your stock counts and purchased value for the week. This does not apply to CSA items without stock numbers.

To save you time when building boxes, we've also added new color identifications on the CSA Items panel to help you easily spot potential problems with stocks or allocations.  Any items with their entire stock allocated will be flagged in light red. Items allocated 50% or more over target will be flagged in yellow, and items under-allocated by more than 20% will be flagged in blue. 

To help fine-tune item distribution in your boxes, we've expanded our "Max" column to allow it to apply only to your BoxBot allocation counts. By default, the "max" field now applies only to BoxBot builds. If you'd like to restrict the item count when a member customizes their box, click the "apply to box edits" checkbox next to the item's "Max" field.  Please use this sparingly (and with caution!) if you have limited stocks available for the week.

On the customer-side, we've modernized the "what's in my box" page and made it much more user friendly when having a large number of items to choose from.   If a vendor has 30+ more items available in a week, members will now see by default only the items already included on their box, with clear navigation to expand any collapsed items, per category, for adding to their box.



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